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My name is Renan W. Feltri and I’m a 22 years old designer living in a small town in the countryside of Brazil.

A couple of years ago, I found myself struggling to understand what path I wanted to take in life. As I recent grad in Graphic Design, I felt out of sync with my true intentions, disappointed with the choice I had made and disatisfied with what I would supposedly be doing for living if persisted on it. I have always dreamed big, been ambicious and thrilled by the idea that my work could cause a positive impact on others. I just didn’t think I would be doing enough from where I standed.

Two months later I unexpectedly discovered a free Design Thinking course promoted by a Stanford's professor online. The anxiety to explore a new facet of design kept me immediately interested, so I rushed to enroll myself. I just didn’t expect it would effectively change the way I saw design forever. I finished the course amazed by the ideas I had absorbed and in love with that environment of experimentation, creativity and innovation coming out. I felt great about imagining myself as a problem solver, trying to make things more meaningful, enjoyable, better.

I started getting more involved, searched articles, news, reports on the topic. Followed great designers and experts from around the world and began conversations with some of them. I enrolled myself in many other courses and started reading several books about the role of design on innovation and business. But I still needed a practical deepening. I had to get my hands dirty and start designing something. As my college professor used to say, design in general is this curious field where every single work is a new start. A new problem, a new challenge, a new learning curve and we gotta recognize that each time we just happens to be a beginner again. Even if unintentionally, I believe he ended pointing out to the fact that despite all scientific knowledge, we should always free ourselves from pre-conceptions, be humble and let our journey of designing teach us how to design. Define our processes, our tools and knowledge necessary to conquer it. So that’s what I set out to do as I also attempted to proove myself as a designer who could creatively deal with complex problems and come up with clever ideas to solve them.

This project set a new beginning for me torwards having the chance of doing what I truly feel great about doing. I’m a great believer that design isn't a question of beauty or style, but a question of shaping the world we wanna live in through creative problem solving and the creation of tools and means that can positively influence how we do it. Buildings, cities, products and services are examples of mankind creations hugely shaping how we experience life and the world around us. Consequently, design is a powerful mean to change and mold it, so that the experiences we live get compatible to the ones we aspire to.

renan feltri


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